Compound Bow

Compound Bows

A compound bow is an essential item for a more advanced style of hunting deer, turkeys or other wild games.  When you hunt wild game with a bow you have to be closer to your target, accuracy is more difficult to achieve and likely need to out in the open. Come check out a variety of compound bows at our Store

If you want to feel the real rush of hunting wild game, then hunting with a compound bow will give you the thrill you are looking for. Bow hunting requires a more advanced set of skills, more covert behavior, a higher degree of accuracy and even more patience as you wait for your prey to get close enough for an accurate shot. Shooting a compound bow also requires more room to maneuver to allow for the bow to draw back and fire the arrow. The combination of needing to be closer to your target and open space to maneuver means you are more exposed to the elements and your prey. This means any movement, any smells, or any noises are more easily detected and the chances of you scaring off your target are much higher.

Some things to consider when buying a compound bow. First and foremost, they are right hand and left hand specific. So you need to make sure you are selecting and buying a bow that is compatible with your dominant hand. Secondly the draw length. Depending on your height and arm length can determine the draw.