Hunting Scopes & Optics

The Value in Hunting Scopes

The value of a high quality hunting scopes or optic can’t be overstated

Any successful hunter knows that it is key to have some critical equipment:  hunting scopes, proper hunting clothing, a reasonable weapon and on that weapon is a hunting blind. An outdoorsman’s ability to have success while chasing big game can come down to very simply his or her ability to hit the target. No single equipment is perhaps more important than a high quality hunting scope. That alone can make the difference between hitting or missing the big game.

Hunting scopes can vary is price, clarity, zoomability and range. Some things to consider when shopping for a hunting scope:


Budget – scopes can range from $100 to $10,000. Features that can drive up a price include: day/night capabilities, zoomability, and clarity. It is best not to go too cheap on a hunting scope. Check out a wide variety of hunting optics or scope here.

Weight – keep in mind you will be carrying your weapon around and you want to ensure it is not overly heavy. It is a balance though, some of the highest quality optics are made from premium metal and glass and that can increase the weight of the overall weapon.

Zoomability – you never know how far your target will be once you are in the hunting blind. So have flexibility to zoom up to 10x is really important.

At The Hunt and Fish (here) we offer a wide variety of hunting optics including popular brands such as Axeon, Eotech, and Athlon.

Deer season is right around the corner. One of the best ways to prepare of your upcoming hunting season is purchase the right equipment, get it mounted and sighted in before you climb into your hunting blind. Check out our wide selection of optics and GET OUTDOORS!